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Thorwald's Lament

Dark forces are brewing, disturbing the peace in the woodlands... and they took your dog.

In Thorwald's Lament I made the enemy AI and design tools that allowed our Level Design team to balance the game and make it fun. I also made a neat water shader that can dynamically turn into ice.

Thorwald's Lament was created in 7 weeks by Monki Flip at The Game Assembly, Stockholm.

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Monki Flip
Anton LiivakProgramming
Emil NygrenProgramming
Oliwer DahlinProgramming
Perry IvicProgramming
Theo BjörkhemProgramming
Tomas GranlundProgramming
Alexander BergLevel Design
Bo SteenLevel Design
Paul Svahn MooreLevel Design
Felix RahmGraphics
Johanna LiwGraphics
Kei MakGraphics
Malin SandredGraphics
Nikola Praizovic HedströmGraphics

The map editor LDtk was used for the project.