You wake up to a destroyed world. Is there anyone else out there?

I was responsible for the collision system, the animation system, and transitions such as cutscenes or respawning.

Subverdant was created in 7 weeks by I Scream Studios at The Game Assembly, Stockholm.

I Scream Studios
Simon BlassProgramming
Tomas GranlundProgramming
Eric KarlsmyrProgramming
Jesper LundgrenProgramming
Joel SchultzProgramming, Sound & Music
Maximilian JernbergLevel Design & Project Lead
Paul Svahn MooreLevel Design
Max-Leonard RydénLevel Design
Aron Snær KristjánssonGraphics
Malin SandredGraphics
Isac SelanderGraphics
Samuel ThorslundGraphics
Emily TillbergGraphics