School Projects

Spite: Serpentide

An action RPG about a sun shaman on a mission to defeat the night serpent and its minions.
Tools: I was responsible for writing a level exporter for Unreal Engine 4.

Thorwald's Lament

An action RPG about an old hermit vanquishing evil forces in order to rescue his dog.
Enemies: I created a customizable enemy behaviour used by the Level Design team.
Shaders: I created the game's water shader, which can also be frozen by in-game mechanics.


A platformer where you are the sole survivor in an abandoned world, desperately looking for signs of life.
Collision System: I created a performant collision system used by all elements in the game.


A puzzle game for Android where you guide Little Dead Riding Hood to the exit in a limited number of turns.
Project Lead: I made sure version control was working for everybody on the project, resolved communications and led the agile workflow.


A 3D runner about a group of rats who flee a research facility aiming for the greatest cheese of all: the Moon.
Lead Programmer: I was responsible for the overarching systems and tools programmer for the final level of the game.

Miss Eyesore 1964

A first-person horror game about a northern prison long abandoned, and a lone surviving inmate. At least, he thinks he is alone.
Project Lead: I ran the agile process of the project, was responsible for decisions that affected the entire team, and had regular pep-talks.
AI Programmer: I wrote the AI system for the game's only monster, Miss Eyesore.


A farmlife simulator.
Gameplay Programmer: I wrote the quest system and was responsible for various parts of the game's code.
Version Control: I was responsible for setting up and helping out with version control.