While working on my own Rust-based engine, I came across the Amethyst engine. It's a game engine built on top of an external ECS, connecting it with rendering back-ends, window management and asset loading. Obviously, I had to learn more.

While the engine is still in its early stages and is currently undergoing a heavy change in its underlying ECS, I was able to begin a small game project thanks to the many examples that it provides. The project is a simulation of a solar system, that is barely started at the time of writing.

For now, I'm uploading my progress with it on my GitHub.

I thought that one of the most striking features of the ECS was the Dispatcher. This guy will analyze Systems to find the optimal way to multi-thread their execution, based on the mutability of Components. That sounds like the future!

Hype is one thing though, and usefulness another. The engine is still lacking dedicated projects that prove its usefulness, so a degree of skepticism is healthy here.