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19-06-02 — Letter

An Escape Horror Experience

Alone in the cold Siberian prison, a growl echoes... It's her.

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Inspired by games like Alien: Isolation and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Snostorm Studio
Alexander ThambertAudio Lead & Sound Designer
Anton PalmérGame Designer, Level Designer & UX Designer
Carl SjolanderSound Designer, Graphical Artist & Game Concept
David StenforsMovement Analyst, Graphical Performer & Game Concept
Felix GronvallGame Designer & Level Designer
Filip BergqvistProgrammer, 3D Artist & Game Concept
The Jimmy Brunnberg
Julia LundmanProgrammer, 3D Artist & Game Concept
Kristin WalkhedGraphics Lead, 2D Artist & Texture Artist
Linus HerdingCreative Director, Concept Artist & Texture Artist
Rebecka Fehrm MatsumotoProgrammer, Easter Bunny & Generally Important Project Person
Robin Almqvist3D Artist
Ronny KorpelaGame Writer & PR
Solvej von MalmborgMusic-in-a-broad-sense Producer & Implementer
Tomas GranlundProject Lead & Programmer
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19-05-30 — Shaded
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19-05-30 — Path nodes

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