\pagebreakBreak the page, with vertical justification
\newpageBreak the page, without vertical justification
\begin{env}...\end{env}Begin and end an environment env
\item[text]Item within list environment
\title{}Define the title of the document (required by \maketitle)
\author{}Define the author of the document (required by \maketitle)
\date{}Define the date of the document (optional for \maketitle)
\maketitleCreates the document title
\todayCurrent date
Article commandAction
`\section[toc]{heading}Begin a new section
\subsection[toc]{heading}Begin a new sub-section
\subsubsection[toc]{heading}Begin a new sub-sub-section
\paragraph{}Begin a paragraph
\subparagraph{}Begin a sub-paragraph
\part{}Splits document into a new part
\tableofcontentsCreates a table of contents
\frontmatterBegin front matter
\mainmatterBegin main matter
\appendixBegin additional material
\backmatterBegin bibliography, index etc.
Report or Book commandAction
\chapter[toc]{heading}Begin a new chapter
flushleftLeft-aligned text
flushrightRight-aligned text
centerCentered text
enumerateEnumerated items, prefixed with \item
itemizeSimple list items, prefixed with \item
abstractAn article abstract
verbatimWrite text verbatim
Font size commandsAction
\tinyTiny font
\scriptsizeVery small font
\footnotesizeQuite small font
\smallSmall font
\normalsizeNormal font
\largeLarge font
\LargeLarger font
\LARGEVery large font
Font commandsAction
\textsf{}Sans serif
\textbf{}Bold face
\textsc{}Small Caps
\textnormal{}Document font