Information Congestion

I believe that some have the belief that the more you know, the more powerful you become. However, in reality having access to abundant information will simply result in spending tons of time processing and interpreting the information.

Instead, efficiency should be valued. Rather than looking up everything, you should learn a small amount of things by hand so that you can use them without having to look them up. This is also known as 'knowing'.

Sadly, you just can't know everything. At any one time, a single person can only 'know' so much about a subject. Large amounts of information read in books will be forgotten given due time, simply due to the fact that the information is not useful.

However, by writing down the things that I believe will be useful for me in the future using bite-sized pieces of meaningful information, I hope to create a searchable database of knowledge that is directly understandable by the future me.

This is efficient because look-up time is minimal, and the information is written in my own 'language', meaning that it will be easier for me to re-learn the knowledge once I read what I have written in this note-taking system.